JKO’s “Dirty Thing” Claymation
by on March 22, 2015

Feel like I need to tell the story of this Claymation we’re about to release on Thursday:

Started late one night last summer with my dear british friend Will MacDonald. We were bouncing off a ton of ideas for music videos for our new album “VoLcanO”.

It should of just been like any other ridiculous idea and forgotten about the next morning.

Will showed up to my house the next day during band practice with about $80 worth of clay.

Within an hour or so he had created a clay Steo Britton (an obvious first choice). Then started on Jeremy Williams and I.

By the evening, we had downloaded a stop motion app for the iPhone and we had animated Steo smoking a cigarette.

Then a bunch of friends, Joseph Joe, Blake Squibb, Carson Gream, Kelienne Verdier Kalk Leland Elliott, Alesha MacDonald
came over and started making more characters.

Policeman, Strippers, Giraffes, Muskrats. Self portraits.

Pretty soon it was animating itself. The characters would immediately fall apart as you moved them. The legs would fall off, the arms would break in half. The eyes and mouth would fall and stick to the guitars. No room for perfection. The clay does whatever it wants.

All part of its charm.

“Dirty Thing” is about as honest and serious a song as I’ve ever written. It’s about Guilt, Addiction and ultimately Forgiveness.

The video makes light of all that and throws the orchestra in federal prison for its horrible, debaucherous crimes against the State of Tennessee.



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