Tribute To B. B. King
by on May 2, 2015

Here’s to “The King Of The Blues” B.B. King.

Broken hearted to hear the beale street blues boy has been put on hospice today. He’s 89. I owe this man a lot. We all do. So grateful for his music.

Im sure many of us have stories about Riley. If you are interested, Here’s mine:

The first real blues album i had as a kid was “Live at Cook County Jail”. It still gives me chills. How can life hurt so bad but give us such joy? That was the sound. Crippling pain one moment then sheer bliss. It has really stuck with me.

Upon reading his autobiography, we find out B.B. King lost his virginity at 6 years old. That was probably part of the sound too.

I had a very basic guitar class in 9th grade and the teacher insisted he played a stratocaster. I play a strat. B.B. played Lucille. It is a Gibson. He rescued that guitar from a burning building. I remember refusing to circle bb played a strat on the multiple choice and failed because of it. I’m still mad about that. That was the sound. Public schools are trying to rewrite history. B.B. played Lucille.

Later on, I pawned a bunch of my pedals for a ticket to go see him live.

“I gave you 7 children and now you wanna give em back”

Ever since, Most of my finest musical moments have something to do with this one BB lick I shoplifted and ran away with a long time ago. I’m so grateful for it.

Out of all my musical heroes, I’ve always wanted to meet B.B. the most. Since I was a kid daydreamed about him taking me under his wing like he’s done for so many. Saving the blues.

In 2013, I watched him side stage with Clapton at Madison Square Garden during the Crossroads festival. He got off stage and they put him in a wheel chair and hooked up fluids and tubes for breathing. I figured I’d be paying him more respect to just let him be. So i did.

If an artist is telling the truth: you feel like you know them. i think you do. So really we all met B.B. King. He played Lucille. He asked us one favor….

“See that my grave is kept clean” – B.B. King



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